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Cooking Hollywood Style    |    $18.95 +

Cooking with Joree, Hollywood Style is my second and newest book.  All the recipes you find in this book are completely new and different from my first book.  It also features easy and elegant recipes but with a twist.
My husband Chuck, who has flown helicopters in the movie industry for over 20 years, told me how many of his stunt friends enjoyed cooking and using my first book.  When I started talking to some of Chuck’s friends, I found out they had favorite recipes of their own.  I have been able to collect and add them to this book, Cooking Hollywood Style.
As an addition to their special and favorite recipes, I have added the biography's of many of the stunt men and women who I have featured in this book.
I hope you enjoy the recipes from the stunt community in Hollywood as well as the new recipes throughout.
Bon Appetit,

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