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My mom, sister, and I enjoyed a ladies day out at Joree's cooking class. Joree had a warm, personable personality, and her menu was equally approachable. We loved the "casual but elegant" style of food that was so simple for even a novice chef to make. We made the entire menu the very next weekend to rave reviews!

Thanks, Joree!
Meredith Dangel


On March 27, 2010, I attended a "Cooking with Joree" class at Southern Season in Chapel Hill, NC.  I had never attended a cooking class before and wasn't sure what to expect. Well, it was wonderful!  Joree was so at ease in the kitchen and did great job demonstrating how to prepare all the items on the menu.  I left there confident that I could prepare that same meal at home......which I did and got great reviews.  Joree is so personable that I felt like a friend that had been invited to dinner.

Jackie Moore, Spartanburg SC

“I was excited to be invited to one of Joree’s cooking classes by a close friend. I saw how much fun they were and how much information I learned about cooking. Now I have invited many people to participate in the fun and delicious food at her house. Her demonstrations are always entertaining and she makes everything look so easy! I have been inspired to try several seemingly difficult dishes because of her teaching. I also love the fact that most of the recipes are fast and easy to make, yet full of flavor. I love her cookbooks and love to share them with friends. I have learned from her that you can always throw together a gourmet meal in just minutes and be able to create something special with just a few ingredients. Now I aspire to cook just like Joree at my home!!”

Merle Dunson, Greenville, SC


I work full-time and have a very active life with horses, golf, and family. As much as I love to cook I rarely could find recipes that were practical for my lifestyle. Then I had the opportunity to meet Joree' and received one of her cookbooks as a birthday present. I rarely use anything else! I always find myself going to her books first to find that simple yet delicious recipe to use whether it is just my husband and I or when we entertain. The recipes are straightforward, ingredients are those that you probably already have in your cupboard, and the results are outstanding! Thanks Joree'!!

Libby Kachmor, Wilmington NC

Joree and I have known each other for 21 years. She started her cooking classes in her home in California,17 years ago. I find her recipes are easy, elegant, and delicious!

Now, with her cookbooks, "Cooking With Joree" and "Cooking With Joree, Hollywood Style," I have all her wonderful recipes at my fingertips. I can't wait for her 3rd cookbook to be published!

Since her move to South Carolina, we have all missed Joree and her cooking classes so much, that I have offered my home as a place where she can conduct her classes when in L.A.

Anita Allen, L.A. California

I have known Joree for several years.I have worked with her doing cooking classes at her home in Bell Canyon, CA, Sur La Table in Newport Beach, CA and Sur La Table in Los Angeles, CA.

Her food is indescribably delicious and surprisingly easy to prepare. I refer to her cookbooks often when I want new recipe ideas and when entertaining.

Denisse Gustin, Lake Forest, CA

Joree's cookbooks have completely inspired me! I was in a cooking  rut, making the same recipes over & over, feeling intimidated by so many cookbooks that would have endless ingredients and steps to making a dish. After receiving her book " All of the glamour with out the fuss" I started making some of the recipes for friends with great results! I have found her recipes simple &  delicious. I no longer have a fear of entertaining. Her cookbooks make it fun! A lot of the recipes are do ahead so you can enjoy your guests and not be stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is having fun. I highly recommend her books!

Kathy Rondell, Tryon NC

I met Joree at a wine tasting in Los Angeles last year.  We got into a  discussion about food and I found out that she was a talented cook and author of cookbooks.  Needless to say, being a food lover myself, we became friends.  When we met for lunch a few months later, she brought me some recipes from a class I couldn't make and some lemoncello that she had made for that event..  

Although I have not been to one of Joree's classes, I feel that she has the love for fine food and enthusiasm for cooking that would make her class a pleasure to attend.  I am looking forward to her return in July to finally make my dream come true!

Jane Starkman, Woodland Hills Ca

I have been going to Joree's cooking classes for many years, 21 years or more
She has catered a bridal shower for me and 2 large dinner parties. She has also catered many events for friends of mine.  Her cookbooks are wonderful, as a matter of fact I bought one for a friend of mine and she sent me a thank you note saying  "THANK YOU FOR THE BEST COOKBOOK EVER", that was Joree's first book. Her recipes are so easy and wonderful tasting.  At every cooking class and event of hers that I have been too, the presentations were beautiful. I wish she still lived here in California so I could go to all of her classes and events!!!!!

Thank You
Sharon Miller

I have known Joree for 20 years  and have the fondest memories of her cooking classes in Bell Canyon , California. Joree is an extraordinary chef with a flair for making the most delicious meals seem easy to prepare, even for a novice cook like me. Her love for cooking  and sharing recipes with others is evident in the way she continues to be excited about every new class she teaches.
Not only are her classes fun and delicious, but she entertains to the max with the most beautiful table settings!
Joree is one of a kind!

Dr. Elisa Charney

When we were in our twenties I worked with Joree as an extra in the film industry. I also happened to have had the great fortune of living in the apartment directly across from her.  Joree always loved to entertain and her apartment became the place to hang out because there was always a spread of delicious appetizers and food.

On beautiful summer nights she was known for throwing parties in the courtyard of our building, cooking up vats of spaghetti or short ribs and filling large plastic bins with her mouth watering melon punch. At the end of the evening she would always serve her heavenly Amaretto cake.

When Joree started teaching I was able to learn how to make many of my favorite meals, and they were surprisingly simple. Now I find myself constantly referring to her cookbooks.

Although her style has changed over the years (no more plastic bins), cooking has always been and continues to be Joree’s passion - and it can be contagious.  

Love ya,


I have known Joree for many years on a personal and professional level.  I have both cook books which I love and so do my guests! I'm ready for book number three.  I have helped her over the years with cooking classes as well as attended them.  Cheers Joree thank you for making cooking fun!

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