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Cooking With Joree, From Appetizers to Desserts

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My first book, Cooking With Joree, From Appetizers to Desserts was a book I wanted to create for people who wanted easy but elegant recipes.  The recipes included in my first book are ones that I have used for cooking classes and demonstrations.  They are also recipes that are enjoyed by many of our Hollywood friends.
There are many great recipes included in this book that covers all types of dinner and party situations.  No more frozen appetizers or agonizing over what exciting dish or meal you are going to prepare for your family or guests.
My recipes include easy, fast, and gourmet style dishes without the stress, special ingredients, and time many traditional recipes call for.
I have recipes that are perfect for dinner parties, social events, pot lucks, and meals for family and friends who will wonder how you could have had the time to prepare such a splendid showcase.
I hope you enjoy this book and making the recipes as I have enjoyed experimenting and putting together each recipe.  From my table to yours…..

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